Generation of Quantum Networks in Non-linear Waveguides via SPDC

This group meeting is kind of a tutorial. I will introduce the theoretical framework of Quantum Networks in the context of Continuous Variables (CV), including the physical systems and their correlations, that are of the EPR type. For this reason, I will explain the simplest CV EPR state and define the squeezing of a quantum state, finding the equivalence between entanglement and squeezing in this type of systems.

Finally, I will introduce the light-matter interaction in non-linear optical materials responsible for the generation of the squeezed and EPR states that constitute the Quantum Network. I will briefly show the derivation of the field operators in the waveguide, and how the hamiltonian approach gives rise to the cluster states.
If I have time and you want even more, I could also talk a bit about the design of the experiment for my thesis by looking at how the physical parameters that we can control in a experiment affects the quantum states of light at the output of the waveguide.