Journées Informatique Quantique 2022 - JIQ'22

14 and 15 November 2022, Paris

Important dates

10/10/2022: Submission deadline
16/10/2022: Acceptance notification
20/10/2022: Registration deadline
14 and 15/11/2022: Journée Informatique Quantique

Local information

The workshop will take place in Room 105, first floor, tower 25-26, 4 place Jussieu, F-75005, Paris, France.


Deadline: 10/10/2022.
Send an email to with the subject "Submission JIQ'22" and it should contain the title and abstract of your submission.


Deadline: 20/10/2022.
Registration is free but mandatory. Send an email to with the subject "Registration JIQ'22".

Scientific program

Monday (14/11/22) Tuesday (15/11/22)
09:00 Classically Approximating Variational Quantum Machine Learning with Random Fourier Features - Constantin Dalyac (LIP6, Pasqal)
09:20 Temporally unstructured measurement-based quantum computation with advantage - Michael Oliveira (INL)
09:40 Category Theory for Quantum Natural Language Processing - Alexis Toumi (LIS, Cambridge Quantum)
10:00 BREAK
10:30 Fault Tolerant Quantum Speedup with an Instantaneous Quantum Polytime Algorithm - Grégoire de Gliniasty (LIP6, Quandela)
10:50 The 2T-qutrit: a two-mode bosonic qutrit - Aurelie Denys (Inria Paris)
11:10 Optimal Hadamard gate reduction in Clifford+T circuits - Vivien Vandaele (LORIA, Atos)
11:30 BREAK
11:40 Quantum Optimal Control using Krotov method for solving optimization problems on neutral atom platforms - Tanguy Chamaillard (Pasqal)
12:00 Spatial search with two marked vertices is optimal for almost all queries and its quantum advantage is not always guaranteed - Mathieu Roget (LIS)
12:20 Dehn-twisting the color code - Alexandre Guernut (Loria)
14:00 INVITED TALK: Concentration properties of shallow quantum circuits and applications to variational quantum algorithms - Daniel Stilck França (LIP) 14:00 Self-Testing Graph States Permitting Bounded Classical Communication - Uta Isabella Meyer (LIP6)
14:20 Optimising quantum social welfare in non-collaborative games - Pierre Pocreau (LIG)
14:40 A Linear Algebraic Framework for Quantum Internet Dynamic Scheduling - Paolo Fittipaldi (LIP6)
15:00 BREAK 15:00 BREAK
15:10 Unifying Quantum Verification and Error-Detection: Theory and Tools for Optimisations - Dominik Leichtle (LIP6) 15:10 Quantum security of subset cover problems - Samuel Bouaziz (LIP6)
15:30 Hybrid Quantum Cryptography from One-way Quantum Communication Complexity - Francesco Mazzoncini (INFRES) 15:30 Semi-Quantum Copy-Protection and More - Paul Hermouet (CASCADE, LIP6, CRED)
15:50 BREAK 15:50 BREAK
16:20 Computer-assisted enumeration and classification of multi-qubit doilies - Axel Muller (DISC) 16:20 A programming language characterizing quantum polynomial time - Mário Alberto Machado da Silva (Loria)
16:40 Entanglement dynamics and ergodicity breaking in a quantum cellular automaton - Kevissen Sellapillay (LIS) 16:40 From a Formal Framework for Optical Circuits to a Complete Equational Theory for Quantum Circuits - Nicolas Heurtel (LMF, Quandela)
17:00 Resource Optimisation of Coherently Controlled Quantum Computations with the PBS-calculus - Alexandre Clémenti (Loria) 17:00 Generalised tensors and traces - Pablo Arrighi (LMF)