Intership Subject

Design of an FPGA system for continuous variable quantum key distribution on a satellite-ground channel

SUBJECT: Among the different quantum technologies, quantum key distribution represent the one with the highest level of maturity. The use of continuous variable protocoles makes it possible to achieve very high performances with the components used in classical telecommunications. The QI team at LIP6 has already developed in its laboratories a complete continuous variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD) system, controlled by a pair of computers in charge of the signal processing and the communication with the optical part, using analog-to-digital converters. A fundamental step for the deployment of such a system in the real world and for satellite links is the implementation of an embedded control system. The objective of this internship is the definition and design of an electronic architecture for the implementation of control and data processing for the transmitter of a quantum key distribution system with continuous variables. This architecture will be implemented on FPGA. The student will work with the QI team, providing the required skills on quantum key distribution, data processing and control needs for the transmitter, and the SYEL team, providing the required skills for the definition and design of electronic architectures under constraints and their implementation on FPGA. He/she will implement the control and data processing system on an FPGA board and will test it using the CV-QKD transmitter present in the laboratory at LIP6. This internship represents the first step towards the realization of an embedded quantum communication system for satellite using an FPGA. A PhD thesis is planned as a continuation of this internship, with the aim, among other things, of studying the techniques for making this architecture resistant to radiation induced errors.

WORKING PLACE: LIP6, Campus Pierre et Marie Curie, Sorbonne University