Research areas

The QI team work on various aspects of quantum information, quantum communication and quantum computation, from foundations to implementations. This includes the development of cryptographic protocols including quantum key distribution, quantum coin flipping, blind quantum computation, verified quantum computation, secret sharing, and secure multiparty quantum computation. We also try to understand the fundamental quantum features which give rise to quantum advantages, and how through information perspectives we can understand better the foundations of quantum mechanics.

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Quantum Computing

  • Quantum advantage ;
  • Blind quantum computing ;
  • MBQC protocols ;
  • Continuous variable quantum computing.

Quantum Communication

  • Delegated quantum computing ;
  • Quantum games ;
  • Continuous variable quantum communication.

Security of Quantum Protocols

  • Verification ;
  • Quantum key distribution ;
  • Quantum secret sharing.

Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum entanglement ;
  • Non-locality ;
  • Measures of contextuality.

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